Be the CHANGE that you want to see in THE WORLD with the BeeYou line of apparel.

We are designing unique t-shirts for a great purpose. Every piece is designed with love and a positive message.

We DONATE a percent of our profit to SAVE THE BEES with every purchase you make!

A little honey goes a long way. Do your small part.

About Us

Positive and Creative T-shirt Designs made with a Purpose

Inspired by mindfulness and well-being, every piece is designed with a positive message -
a reminder for everyone to treat each other with respect and care.
Whether you are a child or an adult, anyone can take steps toward making the world a better place
by sporting one of the many BeeYou shirts or accessories.

BeeYou - creating a better place for mankind, one BEEing at a time.

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"Buzzing positive messages your way. #beesomething 🐝"